Part Time and Custom Virtual CFO Services

The Solution for your Growing Business

If your business requires a more cost effective solution to hiring a full-time CFO, you have just found your solution. The Virtual CFO Service offered by CRS has flat fees, and is the most effective form of financial management for your growing business. Our belief is that with the many challenges that a growing business must face, getting professional financial advice shouldn’t be one of them. CRS will provide your company with a CFO who has years of experience helping businesses to remain ahead of their competition.

CRS will digitally connect your business with a qualified CFO, giving your company the proper knowledge and financial insight it needs to move forward. We do this by using all of the latest web technology at our disposal. In fact, all of our meetings will be virtual. This means that no matter where you are, your business will be able to improve its profitability and bankability, at a fraction of the cost. With CRS, robust financial controls, stabilized cash flows and increased profitability are all within your grasp.

Poor financial management is the leading cause of low profitability and cash flow problems.

For a growing business, trying to manage finances on their own can lead to confusion and stress. This leaves the CEO with many problems that often remain unsolved.

  • How do I maximize profits and boost profit potential?
  • What will it take to secure financing?
  • What will it take to handle, settle or restructure debt?
  • How do I balance cash flow?
  • Are the internal accounting procedures properly implemented?

These difficult problems need the attention of a professional financial advisor. They can be solved by hiring a full time CFO, but many companies lack the finances to hire them.

CRS specializes in providing virtual CFO’s to service-based organizations that operate on a remote model including:

  • Web Design Agencies
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Design / Branding Companies
  • Advertising Companies
  • Software Development Providers
  • Service-based business

Your employees are already using the best technology to remain highly productive; shouldn’t your CFO be doing the same? CRS uses the leading-edge approach to not only outperform our competitors, but to also integrate perfectly into your business model. We have two different services available to achieve this. Part-Time Virtual CFO and Custom Virtual CFO Service.

Part Time Virtual CFO Service

Hiring a part-time Virtual CFO is an efficient way to provide your business with expert financial advice. CRS has a flat rate system of controller and CFO services that will contribute to the financial success of your company. CRS knows that not every organization is the same, and that they all have unique financial management problems that need to be addressed. That’s why all our Part-Time CFO packages are designed so that you may choose the best service for the size and individual needs of your organization. CRS is dedicated to providing our clients with honest service, and our promise is that you will never have to pay for more than you need.

The Part-Time Virtual CFO service starts with a complete financial analysis of your company. During this time, a professional CFO will evaluate your entire business and identify any problems that may be present. CRS will tailor make a strategy specifically for your business, and will provide suggestions of how to improve both the quality and reliability of your financial reports.

The complete process for new clients using our Part Time CFO Service includes:

  • Review of Prior Two Years Financial Reports
  • Review of Current Year General Ledger
  • Interview with Senior Management as to Current Financial Status & goals of the business
  • Set up of specific worksheet templates for
    • Financial Proforma’s
    • 13 Week Cash Flow Projection
    • Profitability Analysis (optional)
    • Financing Analysis (optional)

From there, the Virtual CFO will either work alongside, or become a full member of your staff to complete the financial management services.

All Virtual CFO Packages Come with Exceptional Customer Support

No matter what service you have chosen for your company, it will come with full Email and Telephone support. Whether you would like advice, or have an immediate question that must be answered, throughout the entire process you are free to call with any concern you may have. Combined with our unrivaled customer service, we will have weekly or monthly Virtual meetings. These meetings will provide a snap shot of the current financial situation and allow your CRS staff to stay abreast of what is happening in your firm. They will give your staff clarity as to what must be done to achieve continued growth, and update you with any goals you have achieved since the last meeting

KPI’s, Forecasting, Cash Flow Management and more!

You can try to solve cash flow issues on your own, but having a professional CFO directing your cash flow is the best way to protect your bottom line. Being able to accurately project your company’s cash flow will let you address cash shortages, maximize cash surpluses and guide financial management decisions. This combined with professional forecasting, will allow the CEO to formulate strategies with confidence. Depending on the service you have selected, CRS can help you to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Using accounting data, KPI’s show how well the business is performing, and will accurately measure the overall health of the business. The Virtual CFO will not only find these measurements, but also help you decide what KPI’s are the right ones for your business.

Along with that, a virtual CFO will be able to form strong relationships with banks, conduct director/staff meeting, develop a financial models and much more!

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Custom Virtual CFO Service

CRS has short and long term customized CFO Services to strategically implement professional financial management into your company. The Custom Virtual CFO service is designed to give financial guidance where you need it the most. Custom services are perfect for targeting specific projects where a CFO could provide leadership while guiding financial strategy. No matter what the needs of your business are, CRS has a solution that will be tailored specifically for your organization.

Our Customized CFO Services include any or all of the following:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Enhance revenue and margins
  • Recommend growth initiatives
  • Provide Merger and Acquisition Strategy & Support
  • Business Plan Development
  • Bank Relationship Management
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Budgeting & Analysis
  • Forecasting & Projections
  • Improve infrastructure and operations
  • Streamline systems and processes
  • Establish/Strengthen Internal Controls
  • Improve Integrity and timeliness of internally prepared financial reports