Marilyn J Magett

Hello, my name is Marilyn J Magett and I am Founder & CEO, of CRS Financial Management Solutions

I was a little girl who tossed around numbers the way most children toss around marbles. I grew up in a family with absentee parents and had to learn quickly how to manage for myself and five younger siblings. I learned to manage the household and I learned how to create order out of chaos.

And now – I can stand in the middle of a storm with everything blowing out of control this way and that – and I can make it stop. I create order out of chaos.

Through persistence and dedication, I quickly rose through the ranks from bank teller to CFO of a bank in New York.

Since then I’ve used my expertise to help dozens of businesses achieve financial stability and success.

So, who am I now

I am your ticket to strategic growth and financial mastery. I am the bridge that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be. Looking through the lens of financial management I will help you to grow your business faster and financially stronger. I am your strategic partner there to help you fulfill your goals.


“My Passion is to help you
Proactively Manage Your Business Finances.”