Virtual Executive Coaching – For the Leader Who Desires a Professional Mentor Focused on Finances


With CRS executive coaching, your business will gain access to a CFO with years of experience teaching entrepreneurs and C-level executives how to improve their long-term financial behavior. This service is designed to teach you how to implement professional financial controls and strategies, without the expense of hiring a part-time CFO. We will conduct a full review of your business’s financial situation, and then help you develop internal CFO services using your existing staff. If your growing business isn’t ready to hire a part-time CFO, then hiring a virtual executive coach is the best and most cost-effective option at your disposal.

We will help you align your goals with the financial capability of your company, setting your business on the path towards increased profits and financial professionalism.

Virtual Consultation and Full Financial Review


Unlike our competitors, CRS offers tailor made coaching services with solutions designed specifically for your business. That’s why our executive coaching service starts with an in-depth consultation with your CEO to determine your chief concerns and overall goals for the business. With your unique aspirations in mind, we then conduct a full review of your company’s financial statements and accounting records to determine how your concerns can be solved and how your goals will be met. From there, we will establish a coaching schedule where every month our CFO will provide you with the financial guidance you need to keep on track towards achieving your goals.

Our review covers everything in respect to banking and finance, profitability, cash flow, balance sheet management, KPI’s, Billable Rates, Utilization Rates, accounting and accounting personnel and more.

Flat Rate Pricing and Virtual Service for Unparalleled Savings


Like all of our services, our executive coaching is completely virtual and has flat rate pricing. No matter where your business is located, you can have access to an expert financial coach at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Best of all, there are no long term contracts and this service can be modified to precisely fit your budget and needs. You can even add monthly sessions at a negotiated reduced price.