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Flat Rate Monthly Consultation &
Analytics Service Pricing


If your interest is in a monthly consultation and performance review using customized Key Performance Indicators with access to flexible dashboard, charts, and reports with limited monthly expense this basic service is right for you.

Flat Rate Monthly Consultation & Analytics Service Pricing

$1,395 Per Month $1,650 One Time Set Up Fee

Consultation & Analytics Service

Our Consultation & Analytics Serviced is the foundation for all of our Monthly CFO Service Plans.

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    Customized Dashboards &


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    Realized &

    Projected Financials

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    Multiple Reports &

    Formats at your Fingertips

Financial Performance Management Services

Our Financial Performance Management Service is designed for CEO’s & Business Owners who are interested in growing their business but are frustrated by Cash Flow, Working Capital, or Profitability limitations.

Today, most CEO’s are trying to grow their businesses without adequate information, without a clear understanding of what they want to achieve, and without a plan and a system of accountability.

Our consultant works with you to take you through a process designed to move your business finances from its current situation to the desired financial result on a project basis.

Consultation & Analytics Service

Consultation & Analytics Service

Better business decisions require consistent review of your financials and insight into where they’re headed.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Budgeting & Forecasting

With expert insight from a Virtual CFO, our budgeting and forecasting services will prepare your business for the future. You will be able to obtain all the information you need to direct the functions across your entire business...

Virtual CFO Services and Customized CFO Services

Virtual CFO Services and Customized CFO Services

With our Virtual CFO Service and Customized CFO Services, CRS has been helping business all across the country to increase profitability, stabilize cash flow, secure financing, and...

Flat Rate Pricing

Flat Rate Pricing

Access to a professional CFO is not out of your reach. All of our Virtual CFO Service packages have affordable monthly or weekly fees that are entirely fixed All of our services, Virtual CFO...


Our passion is to help CEO’s and Business Owners

“Proactively Manage Their Business Finances Instead of Reacting to Them”.

Client Testimonials


“I had the privilege of working with Marilyn during a challenging stage in our companies growth. She has been instrumental in improving our financial health, and instilling great discipline in our executive management team. I truly appreciate and respect her ability to efficiently get things done and add value – day 1 and each day thereafter!”
Michael Caccavano,

President Phase 2 Technology


“Marilyn, was able to assist me in renewed direction for my company with a solid analyzed financial base. She assisted me in the sale of my business, a daunting and challenging process. She was involved on all levels, financial analyses, negotiations and creative planning. I could not have achieved the sale price without her.”
Teresa Shanahan,

CEO & President Lifeline Care at Home


“Marilyn Magett- long story short she is fantastic and has provided significant value in a very short period of time. I highly recommend you connect. She is nimble and can work in small or large capacities-but is someone who is vested in our success as if she were an owner- HUGE ASSET.”
Thad Kahlow,

CEO Business OnLine

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