From a young age, Marilyn Magett has always had the ingenuity to transform chaos into order. While being raised in a household with five younger siblings and absentee parents, the task of managing the household fell on her. Though times were tough, she learned how to remain composed, take charge and lead people to achieving their goals. With the same mindset, she carries this intense dedication with her to every company she works with. When placed into a circumstance where everyone around is panicking, wondering what can be done to get themselves out of a rough financial situation, she emerges as the composed leader who has a plan and makes it happen.

Oftentimes, she is brought into situations where the finances are in complete disarray, and the necessary reports are not being prepared on a consistent basis. Even worse, when the financial reports are prepared, they are horribly inaccurate and don’t present a realistic picture of the company’s true financial circumstances. This results in the CEO having no understanding of the actual financial status of the company, causing misinformed discussions and the loss of profits and revenue.

Unfortunately, many businesses simply don’t have the funding to hire a full time CFO, leaving them unable to generate accurate financial reports. Marilyn solved this issue by founding CRS Financial Management Solutions. By offering part-time, virtual CFO and consultation services, CRS is able to provide cost-effective financial guidance to companies that need it the most.

An exceptional example is her work with Phase 2 Technology. They were losing money and weren’t aware of the situation that they were in. The financial records and management were in complete disarray and they had no accurate reports to base their decisions on. With a clear, composed mindset, she was able to devise and implement a plan that turned the company’s finances around and realize the success they had envisioned.

She has the financial acumen to train and assign the right people to the right jobs, all while convincing the appropriate stakeholders to take immediate action. The result is a thriving business that will press forward, grow and create wealth for the owners and stockholders, all within a budget that you can afford.

If you would like to learn how Marilyn will help your company achieve financial success, please visit our service pages to get started.