Preparing For Sale Program


You are among the 3% of Women Business Owners with Revenues greater than $1,000,000. You’ve worked hard and built your business to multiple millions in revenue and commensurate bottom line results.

But now you are thinking of slowing down, perhaps you would like to devote more time and attention to other interests.

You are thinking of possibly selling in the next few years and want to be prepared.  Maybe you are not thinking of selling at all, but still want to be ready for the unexpected inquiry from a potential buyer.

Proactively managing your business finances means being ready for potential problems and potential opportunities!

Guidance, support, and most importantly, expertise you don’t currently have will help you meet this challenge as well.

“If you find yourself resentful of the amount of time your business requires or you are simply interested in devoting more time and energy to other interests, you are in the right place, Marilyn can help you.”

Preparing Your Business for Sale


Our Preparing Your Business for Sale Program is for Women Business Owners of High Performing Businesses with Revenues of $3,000,000 or more annually.

If you are ready to consider the issues associated with a potential sale, Marilyn will help you establish an appropriate valuation, improve your current valuation, and identify potential partners. She commits to your success wholeheartedly as though she were a financial partner in your business.

Significant, measurable, bottom-line results will be achieved through our Preparing for Sale Program in which we partner with you to design and implement proven strategies and systems for the busy woman business owner.

If you are feeling:

  • Jealous of your time,
  • Losing interest
  • That you would like to devote time to other interests

If you are ready, willing, and able to consider preparing your business for sale, you are invited to schedule complimentary Financial Strategies & Solutions Session.

The Preparing Your Business for Sale Program is a process designed to:

  • Determine Current Potential Sale Value of Your Business
  • Implement Strategies Designed to Enhance that Value
  • Identify Potential Transaction Partners
  • Negotiate with Potential Partners and see Transaction through Fruition

This process will deliver a customized strategic financial performance management system, an engaged partner throughout the process, identify potential buyers, improved business valuation, improved cash flow, improved working capital, improved profitability, an investment grade business valuation, financial stability, and peace of mind.


“My Passion is to help you
Proactively Manage Your Business Finances.”