A Two-Fold Reduction of Costs through Technology and Fixed Pricing

The use of the latest technology together with fixed prices forms a strong combination that equates to one thing; saving time and money.  CRS does not provide estimates; we provide the exact amount you will actually pay. When it comes to our Virtual CFO pricing, we place integrity above all else. Our prices are fair and straightforward, there are absolutely no hidden expenses or miscellaneous charges. If events change and the service must be adjusted, you will be alerted immediately before any price change is made.

Think of CRS as your employee, your companion that will help your business achieve new heights

Flat Rate Monthly Consultation & Analytics Service Pricing

If your interest is in a monthly consultation and performance review using customized Key Performance Indicators with access to flexible dashboard, charts, and reports with limited monthly expense this basic service is right for you.

Flat Rate Financial Performance Management Pricing

Because our Performance Management Service is a defined project with specific start and end dates and specific stages in the project, flat rates may be applied to each of the three stages individually, or a single flat rate for the entire term of the project. We will work with you to devise a pricing model that works for your business.

Flat Rate Virtual CFO Pricing

With weekly and monthly pricing options, CRS make it easy for your organization to include a Virtual CFO into your Budget. The prices below include services that are best suited for the leading edge company that wishes to advance it’s development. In general, each package includes everything your business will need at one low rate. However, they can always be customized with specific services just for company.

Flat Rate Customized CFO Pricing

If your company needs financial guidance with pinpoint accuracy, our Customized CFO Service is the right choice. The Customized CFO service is optimal for targeting specific tasks within your organization. By identifying the specific needs of your company, you will be able to give your employees access to a CFO who will provide expert financial guidance, leadership and assistance where it currently isn’t available.

With just a 1-hour phone call, CRS will be able to provide your company with a Virtual CFO plan that caters specifically to your goals and budget

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Flat Rate Monthly Consultation & Analytics Service Pricing

$1,395 Per Month $1,650 One Time Set Up Fee

Flat Rate Financial Performance Management Services Pricing

$1,750 to $3,750 Monthly Flat Rate Range

Part Time Virtual CFO Service

CFO Average Monthly Rate
$1,875 - $6,250 per month
  • Flexible Dashboards, Charts & Reports
  • Financial Statements
  • Email Support unlimited
  • Telephone Support unlimited
  • Virtual Meetings Weekly
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Forecasting
  • Financial Pro forma Updates
  • Banking Relationships
  • KPI’s
  • Director/Staff Meetings
  • Financial Modeling
  • Customized CFO Services

Flat Rate Budgeting and Forecasting Cost

With CRS, the cost of budgeting and forecasting is a non-issue. Instead of imposing services on our clients that they may not need, we have a multitude of cost-effective Budgeting and Forecasting options for you to choose from. These services will supplement your daily business operations by providing a comprehensive analysis of your company’s finances. By separating these services, your company will be able to obtain crucial information that will help guide the CEO’s management decisions, all at a fraction of the cost.

Budgeting & Forecasting Pricing

Product Pricing Schedule

  • Financing Package $ 3,750
  • Profitability Analysis $ 2,750
  • Pro Forma Financial Projections $ 2,750
  • Cash Flow Projections $ 1,875
  • Industry Specific Comparative Analysis $ 495
  • Industry Specific Key Performance Ratios $ 195

Executive Coaching Pricing

  • Initial Consult & Record Review $ 1,650
  • Monthly Coaching $ 1,050
  • Bi-Monthly Coaching $ 1,250
  • Weekly Coaching $ 1,475